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Current Clinical Trials

Please contact us to learn more about our clinical trials.

Gateway Institute for Brain Research is an international cutting-edge research center.  Gateway seeks to expedite the development of novel treatments and scientific advancement through a combination of in-house research, private sponsorship, and inter-institutional collaboration. Through this approach, Gateway combines existing science, emerging innovation, and internal research developments to maximize scientific impact.

Our focus is on developing novel treatments and expanding the use of current therapies to provide improved treatment options for people living with neurological disorders.

We are driven to achieve the following goals:

  • Improve scientific approaches

  • Discover advanced treatments

  • Delay disease progression

  • Alleviate symptoms

  • Promote repair of damaged cells

  • Improve patient and caregiver well-being

  • Find cures

Transforming scientific discoveries into cutting-edge clinical care
Guiding innovation toward a better solution
Fostering world-wide collaboration to treat neurological disorders
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