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Opportunities for Collaboration

Neurological disorders are complex and require collaboration in order to make a meaningful impact on the lives of patients and caregivers. Collaboration is the key to fostering and maintaining an environment of creativity and innovation. It provides mutual opportunities to strengthen our scientific missions through diversity of expertise and access to world class facilities. It enables us to bring the collective expertise of a diverse group of professionals to bear against a particular problem, hastening the discovery of a solution. 

Gateway believes collaboration is in the best interest of the entire scientific community and is constantly looking for research partners to work toward mutual goals. We are currently working to building a network of local healthcare providers involved in the Parkinson’s disease community to facilitate collaborative efforts to combat Parkinson’s disease.


Opportunities for Collaboration:


  • Receive updates and printed informational materials about our currently enrolling trials.

  • Become an investigator at our research clinic in Davie, Florida or conduct Gateway-sponsored trials in your own clinic. 

  • Become a consultant to share ideas and facilitate collaborative efforts. This could entail reviewing study related documents or collaborating with our team to develop new targets, medications, or re-positioned medications. 

  • Receive funding for investigator-initiated projects. 


Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating.

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